Executive Director Designate Position Posting

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Position:   Executive Director Designate, Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association

Reports To:  the Board of Directors.

The Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association is a voluntary membership organization for vegetable, potato, and berry growers with a membership of about 850. The Association was originally organized in 1926 and is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.

The Association’s activities focus on providing educational opportunities and resources for growers, funding practical vegetable and berry production research, advocating on public issues affecting growers, promoting the industries, and otherwise leading the vegetable, potato, and berry industries.

The Association is a co-sponsor and co-producer of the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention which is annually attended by 2,200 persons and held in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Association also operates a food booth at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. It publishes a monthly newsletter and weekly email update, sponsors local grower educational events, and maintains a grower website at www.pvga.org.

Job Overview
The Association is seeking to contract with a person to be its Executive Director Designate. The successful contractor would serve as Deputy Executive Director for a transition period of six to twelve months under the retiring Executive Director to allow for a smooth transition.  Upon the satisfactory completion of the transition period and approval of the Board, the contractor would then assume the Executive Director position when the current Executive Director retires. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing and administering the activities and business of the Association under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Association will offer competitive compensation commensurate with the contractor’s abilities and experience.

PVGA activities are concentrated in the months of November to February. They include the planning Board Meeting in early December, followed by the Farm Show Food Booth in early January, followed by the Mid Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention in late January/early February. Consequently, focus and flexibility in the Executive Director’s work and schedule are essential in this time frame.

The Association does not have a physical office location because PVGA historically contracted for its management service. Therefore, the successful contractor will need to establish an office in which to conduct the Association’s business and provide the necessary office equipment including furniture, computers, printers, etc. as well as store Association records. It is expected that the successful contractor would hire at their own expense any needed clerical assistance.  The Association does hire an outside accountant to prepare the non-profit tax forms.  The Association would be offering a three-year contract to the successful contractor that would include an annual bonus that would be paid at the end of March.  Because the Association’s major events (December Board meeting, Farm Show, Annual Membership Meeting and Convention) are clustered in December to early February and a disruption in continuity of the Executive Director position during that time period would be problematic, the bonus would be paid contingent on the contractor completing the work of the twelve months prior to April.

Responsibilities and Duties
During the transition period, the Deputy Executive Director would assist the Executive Director in fulfilling the following responsibilities and duties of the office:

  • Oversee and administer the day-to-day activities of the Association including the maintenance of membership records, financial operations, regulatory compliance, and general correspondence.
  • Plan the quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors and the periodic meetings of the various committees including the preparation of the agenda, minutes and other needed materials as well as making the necessary facility arrangements.
  • Edit, solicit advertising, and publish the monthly newsletter as well as a weekly email update.
  • Coordinate the Association’s co-sponsorship of the annual Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention including the planning of the vegetable, small fruit and marketing educational programs, publicizing of the event, registering of attendees, publishing of the Proceedings and arranging other necessary details.
  • Assist in organizing any additional Association activities, including the Farm Show Food Booth.
  • Work with the Strategic Planning Committee and the Board to develop and implement a strategic plan for the advancement of the Association.
  • Identify and apply for appropriate grants to allow the expansion of the Association’s activities.
  • Represent the Association at appropriate grower, industry, government and university meetings
  • Serve as the Association’s spokesperson to the press.
  • Monitor legislative and regulatory activity as well as current events that will affect Association members and prepare and disseminate statements on the Association’s position on the same.
  • Coordinate the continued development of the website and social media platforms.
  • Potentially also serve as Executive Secretary of the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program providing administrative services to that Program on a contract basis.


  • Bachelor’s degree or greater preferably in an agricultural/horticultural field, business administration, or liberal arts/communications or equivalent experience on an association staff or as an association officer.
  • Agricultural industry experience and/or Certified Association Executive or Certified Meeting Planner credentials a plus.
  • Motivated self-starter with strong organizational management and interpersonal skills to work with the Board, volunteers and limited staff for general operations and in planning and conducting events and activities.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills along with marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience to connect with members and the general public.
  • Proficiency in financial recordkeeping and appropriate office software and an entrepreneurial, adaptive, and innovative approach to management.
  • Strong grant writing and project management skills with an agricultural mentality preferred.
  • Commitment to doing what is necessary for the success of the Association in accomplishing its mission with integrity, enthusiasm, and an understanding of the needs of Pennsylvania vegetable, potato and berry growers.
  • Ability to travel to meetings and events to represent the Association and provide on-site supervision of Association meeting and events.
  • Willingness to relocate to Pennsylvania if not current a resident.

Application Deadline and Expected Start Date
The Association plans to begin reviewing applications as they are received until a suitable candidate is identified. The tentative plan is for the successful contractor to begin as Deputy Executive Director in October 2022 or as soon thereafter as possible.

Application Process
Interested contractors should submit a letter of interest, resume, and a list of three references with contact information to the Association at pvga@pvga.org as soon as possible.

A PDF of this document is available here.