Grob Memorial Scholarship Award 2015 – Nathan Sturges

Grob Memorial Scholarship Recipient 2015
Nathan Sturges, Beaver County          son of Aaron Sturges

Nathan has lived and worked on his family farm all his life.  The Sturges grow 65 acres of various fruit and vegetable crops on their farm in Beaver County.  He has been involved in the planting, maintaining, harvesting, and selling of vegetable crops.  Before he could drive, he was running his own farmers’ markets stands and now goes to farmers’ markets five days a week.  He has seen increased consumer support for farmers’ markets in recent years.

Nathan, the son of Aaron Sturges, is majoring in Horticultural Sciences at Penn State but has also worked with making jams, jellies, apple butter, cider and smoothies to add-value to the raw products produced on the family’s farm.  He hopes to expand the vegetable acreage of the farm to meet the growing demand at their farmers’ market stands.  He finds the gratitude that customers have for farmers making fresh local produce available to them particularly fulfilling to him.