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Poor Stands or Stand Losses Issues

As spring planting season continues at a rapid pace, there are more reports of poor stands or stand losses in vegetable crops. The culprits are often soil insects or diseases; however, lower quality seed or plants can also be a source of the problem. You will most commonly see problems with lower quality plants or [...][...]

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Penn State Vegetable – Small Fruit Current Issues May 16

Here’s an update on some of the topics discussed by the Penn State Extension Vegetable, Small Fruit and Mushroom team during our May 16 conference call. Allium leafminer presence.  Overwintered adults are nearing the end of their spring flight, with symptoms of damage from ALM expected to become more evident on susceptible crops (onion, garlic, [...][...]

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Allium Leafminer Spring Update: May 15, 2017

Does Allium Leafminer dislike rainy days too? Or is the population truly declining?  The allium leafminer adult population is potentially starting to decline as of the second week of May.  We are unsure if this is due to the cooler rainy weather or a true population decline. We suggest leaving row covers on for a [...][...]

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Unlocking Yield Potential of Tomatoes

Breeding in plants and animals typically involves straightforward addition. As beneficial new traits are discovered — like resistance to drought or larger fruits — they are added to existing prized varieties, delivered via cross-breeding. But every once in a while, adding a beneficial new trait can result in a net subtraction, due to processes deeply [...][...]

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Detecting Optimum Ripeness in Tomatoes

The portable Raman spectrometer, a device used in very different fields such as metallurgy, archaeology and art, allows data to be obtained on the variation in the composition of the tomato fruit during its various ripening phases, according to the results of a study conducted in the UPV/EHU’s Department of Analytical Chemistry.  The portable Raman [...][...]

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Orchard Offers Vegetable Breeding Course

An intensive, two-day vegetable breeding workshop will take place on June 17 and 24 from 9 a.m. to noon at North Star Orchard. The workshop, geared toward the more experienced gardener, will be led by NSO Garden Manager Kevin Booth and NSO Greenhouse Manager Lena Dati.  During the course, attendees will learn the importance of [...][...]

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Time to Advocate for Agriculture in the State Budget

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is hard at work ensuring that agriculture priorities are considered as state leaders finalize the 2017-18 budget. But we need help from members too. Lawmakers respond most to their constituents so it’s important that members contact their state representatives and senators to discuss priorities for farms. Farm Bureau is concerned about proposed [...][...]

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Farm Bureau Takes Policy Development to Facebook

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s policy development process is starting now, with grassroots members beginning to think about what proposals they want to bring before their county Farm Bureaus with the hope of shaping state, or even national, Farm Bureau policy. And PFB is offering a new tool this year to get those brainstorming gears turning and [...][...]

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Apply Now for Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge

Rural entrepreneurs can compete for startup funds in Farm Bureau’s Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge. Farm Bureau members age 18 or older may apply with ideas related to for-profit businesses involving food and/or agriculture. Food ideas must incorporate at least one local agriculture product. Judges will review the applications this summer and then announce four finalists to [...][...]

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Farmers Needed for Reality Show

Producers of a new, agriculture-based reality television show that’s planned to air on a major cable network are looking for farm families to be the stars. According to BoBCat Studios, “American Farmer is the sweeping new series that puts viewers on the front lines of the battle farmers wage to produce the food that sustains [...][...]

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