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Specialty Crop Tour for Young Growers is June 14

This tour will be held at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center at Rock Springs which hosts research projects for agronomic and horticultural crops on June 14, 2017 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  No fee for the event but please sign up by June 7th! Tour Schedule 10:00 am – Meet at Plant [...][...]

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New Spinach Genome Makes Popeye Proud

While you may not gulp spinach by the can-fuls, if you love spanakopita or your go-to appetizer is spinach artichoke dip, then you’ll be excited to know that new research out of Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) will make it even easier to improve this nutritious and delicious, leafy green.  Today in Nature Communications, researchers from [...][...]

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Grower Conference Calls Scheduled for 2017

For the past two years PVGA and the Vegetable Marketing and Research Program have been conducting monthly grower conference calls during the season to allow growers to talk about problems they are experiencing during the season – and hear recommendations from Penn State experts for  solving them.  This year it has been suggested that the [...][...]

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Garlic Virus Problems Found Early This Year

Last year I had an article sometime in July about what I called “garlic viruses” which I had not seen in our area before, but I know must have been around before this. This year some garlic growers are noticing this virus complex already in their fields and I am not sure if that is [...][...]

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Poor Stands or Stand Losses Issues

As spring planting season continues at a rapid pace, there are more reports of poor stands or stand losses in vegetable crops. The culprits are often soil insects or diseases; however, lower quality seed or plants can also be a source of the problem. You will most commonly see problems with lower quality plants or [...][...]

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Penn State Vegetable – Small Fruit Current Issues May 16

Here’s an update on some of the topics discussed by the Penn State Extension Vegetable, Small Fruit and Mushroom team during our May 16 conference call. Allium leafminer presence.  Overwintered adults are nearing the end of their spring flight, with symptoms of damage from ALM expected to become more evident on susceptible crops (onion, garlic, [...][...]

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Allium Leafminer Spring Update: May 15, 2017

Does Allium Leafminer dislike rainy days too? Or is the population truly declining?  The allium leafminer adult population is potentially starting to decline as of the second week of May.  We are unsure if this is due to the cooler rainy weather or a true population decline. We suggest leaving row covers on for a [...][...]

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Unlocking Yield Potential of Tomatoes

Breeding in plants and animals typically involves straightforward addition. As beneficial new traits are discovered — like resistance to drought or larger fruits — they are added to existing prized varieties, delivered via cross-breeding. But every once in a while, adding a beneficial new trait can result in a net subtraction, due to processes deeply [...][...]

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Detecting Optimum Ripeness in Tomatoes

The portable Raman spectrometer, a device used in very different fields such as metallurgy, archaeology and art, allows data to be obtained on the variation in the composition of the tomato fruit during its various ripening phases, according to the results of a study conducted in the UPV/EHU’s Department of Analytical Chemistry.  The portable Raman [...][...]

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Orchard Offers Vegetable Breeding Course

An intensive, two-day vegetable breeding workshop will take place on June 17 and 24 from 9 a.m. to noon at North Star Orchard. The workshop, geared toward the more experienced gardener, will be led by NSO Garden Manager Kevin Booth and NSO Greenhouse Manager Lena Dati.  During the course, attendees will learn the importance of [...][...]

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