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Drivers of Insecticide Use

Over the past half century, food production has intensified to meet the growing demand. And as agricultural fields have become ever larger, more pesticides are required to enhance yield.  Among increasingly huge spreads of single crops, insects tend to thrive as the landscape leaves little habitat for natural enemies such as birds or other predators. [...][...]

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Perdue Indicates Trump May Allow Undocumented Farm Workers to Stay

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Friday said President Trump may be open to creating a way for some undocumented immigrant workers to stay in the U.S. and Perdue is already working on a “blueprint” of policy guidelines to offer the president.  Refusing to call it a pathway to citizenship, Perdue says he would like [...][...]

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Tillage Practices Damages Earthworms

The digging, stirring and overturning of soil by conventional ploughing in tillage farming is severely damaging earthworm populations around the world, say scientists.  The findings published in the scientific journal Global Change Biology show a systematic decline in earthworm populations in soils that are ploughed every year. The deeper the soil is disturbed the more [...][...]

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Allium Leafminer Spring Update: May 1

Protect every chive, onion and garlic! The allium leafminer is here!   The allium leafminer is here and beginning to reach peak populations as of last week, April 25th to April 30th.  See more here.[...]

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2016 Vegetable Research Reports Available

Reports from nine vegetable research projects funded jointing by PVGA and the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program (PVMRP) in 2016 are now available on the PVMRP website here.[...]

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Agriculture is Good for Honey Bees

While recent media reports have condemned a commonly used agricultural pesticide as detrimental to honey bee health, scientists with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture have found that the overall health of honey bee hives actually improves in the presence of agricultural production. – See more here.[...]

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California Strawberry Legal Battle

A coalition of independent strawberry growers is petitioning state leaders to resolve a messy legal dispute between two respected agricultural researchers and the University of California, Davis.   A group of 60 independent growers – representing one-third of the planted acreage of California’s strawberry industry – have sent letters to UC Davis, the UC Board [...][...]

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Sitting Down with Sonny Perdue

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, who last week helped persuade President Donald Trump not to abandon the North American Free Trade Agreement, said Wednesday that the administration would renegotiate the pact with Canada and Mexico with a focus on what has worked and what hasn’t. Trump appeared to be on the brink of pulling out of [...][...]

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PVGA is Reaching Out to Young Growers

PVGA is trying to identify and encourage young growers in the vegetable, potato and berry industries in several ways. PVGA Scholarships First, PVGA offers two $1,000 college scholarships each year to a child or grandchild of a PVGA member who is pursuing higher education with the goal of working in production agriculture.  These scholarships come [...][...]

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Farmers Push Back on Immigration

The head of Bethel Heights Vineyard looked out over the 100 acres of vines her crew of 20 Mexicans had just finished pruning, worried about what will happen if the Trump administration presses ahead with its crackdown on immigrants. – See more here.[...]

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