Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association


Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association

An Association of Commercial Vegetable, Potato and Berry Growers

Committees and Representatives

Executive CommitteeThe four elected officers plus the Past President with the President as chair having responsibility for acting for the Board between meetings of the Board, for strategic planning and for the relationship with the Executive Secretary.

David Miller – chair, Jonathan Strite, Jeffrey Stoltzfus, William Reynolds, Robert Shenot,


Leadership and Recognition CommitteeThree Board members and two or more non-Board members with the Past President as chair having responsibility for nominating candidates for directors, officers, annual award recipients, life membership and other awards as well as overseeing the Rudolph Grob Memorial Scholarship program.

Robert Shenot – chair, Ronald Beinlich, Brian Campbell, Arthur King, Michael Orzolek, Hilary Schramm, Jr.


Scholarship CommitteeTwo Board members, two or more non-Board members and one University staff member to chose the recipents of the Rudolph Grob Memorial Scholarship program.

Hilary Schramm, Jr., – chair, Carolyn Beinlich, Curtis Kaelin, Michael Orzolek, Keith Eckel, Randy Treichler


Administrative CommitteeIs composed of four Board members and three or more non-Board members with the Secretary-Treasurer as chair It has jurisdiction for membership recruitment efforts, membership benefits, and the budget, along with oversight of the Finance, Farm Show Food Booth and Ag Progress Days Food Booth Task Forces.

William Reynolds – chair, Robert Amsterdam, John Esslinger, John Mason, Ernest Mast, William Rankin, John Shenk, Timothy Weiser, Fred Dymond III


Finance Task Force – Two or more members having responsibility for investing the Keystone Fund monies.

William Reynolds – chair, Thomas Strzelecki,


Farm Show Task ForceFive or more members having responsibility for the Farm Show Food Booth.

 William Reynolds – chair, Robert Shenot (Past President), Brian Campbell,  Natalie Bishop, Gregory Forry, Jonathan Grace, Barron Hetherington, Steve Sample


Ag Progress Days Task Force  – Five or more members having responsibility for the Ag Progress Days Food Booth.

 Kathleen Demchak – chair,  Timothy Derstine, Peter Ferretti, Beth Gugino, Lois Klinger, William Lamont, Barrie Moser, Michael Orzolek, William Reynolds, Elsa Sanchez


Educational CommitteeIs composed of four Board members and three or more non-Board members with the First Vice President as chair.  It has jurisdiction for the educational programing of the Association including the newsletter, field days, field tours, and twilight meetings as well as oversight of the Convention and Website Task Forces.

 Jonathan Strite – chair, Steven Bogash, Arthur King, David King, Lois Klinger, David Miller, Eric Oesterling


Convention Planning Task ForceSelected University and extension personnel, growers, and Directors chaired by the First Vice President to develop the policies and educational program for the convention.

 Jonathan Strite – chair, Sinclair Adam, Thomas Butzler, Steven Bogash, Tanner Delvalle, Kathleen Demchak, Fred Dymond, Timothy Elkner, John Esslinger, Gary Faulkner, Peter Ferretti, Shelby Fleischer, Thomas Ford, Beth Gugino, Bruce Hellerick, Arthur King, Lois Klinger, William Lamont, Kenneth Martin, David Miller, Eric Oesterling, Michael Orzolek, Robert Pollock, William Reynolds, Steve Sample, Elsa Sanchez, Jeffrey Stoltzfus, Lee Stivers, Thomas Strzelecki, Grant Troup, Randy Triechler, Adam Voll


 Website Task ForceSelected members to recommend revisions to the website.

 Steve Groff, Bruce Hellerick, David King, John Mason, Jr., Jonathan Strite


 Government Affairs CommitteeIs composed of four Board members and three or more non-Board members with the Second Vice President as chair.  It has responsibility for directing the Association’s advocacy activities in government affairs issues and for developing policy resolution recommendations.

 Jeffrey Stoltzfus chair, Timothy Beard III, Keith Eckel, Michael Fink, Chris Harner, Daniel Harner, Barron Hetherington, Glenn Hetherington, James Hoopes, Alan Kemmerer, Kenneth Martin, Jonathan Strite, Joel Weaver,

Marketing and Research CommitteeIs composed of three Board members and four or more non-Board members .  The Committee will coordinate and further develop the Association’s marketing and promotion activities and direct the Association’s research funding activities.  The Committee will elect its chair.  This committee would have representatives from the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program Board, the Pennsylvania Potato Research Program Board, the Penn State Small Fruit Advisory Committee and the Simply Sweet Onion Committee as members or have members of the committee attend meetings of these groups.

Marketing Subcommittee – Thomas Strzelecki – chair, Stephen Ganser,  Don Geise, Curtis Kaelin, Kenneth Metrick, David Miller, David Peters, Christopher Powell, Lela Reichart, William Saussaman, Randy Treichler, Cindy Yingling, 

Research Subcommittee Scott Hoffman – chair, Christopher High, Harry Hopkins, Stephen Kistler, Joseph Mason, Laverne Nolt, Hillary Schramm, Jr., Mark Troyer, James Zimmerman,

Simply Sweet Onion CommitteeFour onions growers, one handler, one University staff member and one Director empowered to administer the licensing process for the Simply Sweet Onion trademark and to control the funds generated by the licensing process.

Arthur King – chair, John King, Michael Orzolek, Amos Sauder, William Saussaman, Lloyd Stauffer, Jeffrey Stoltzfus


Penn State Liason CommitteePenn State University faculty members with an interest in the vegetable, berry or potato industries who are invited to attend Board meetings to serve as a liason with the University.

Kathleen Demchak – chair,  Majid Foolad, Shelby Fleischer, Beth Gugino, William Lamont, Richard Marini, Michael Masiuk, Elsa Sanchez


 Appointed Representatives

Farm Show Committee – William Reynolds, Steve Sample, William Troxell

Mid-Atlantic Convention Joint Committee – David Miller, Jeffery Stoltzfus, Jonathan Strite, William Troxell

Penn State Ag Council – William Troxell

State Council of Farm Organizations – William Troxell, Jeffrey Stoltzfus