Find PA Produce

Directory of Farm Markets and Farmers’ Markets – a searchable directory of direct marketing sales outlets across Pennsylvania so consumers can easily find growers and markets in their local area.

Directory of CSAs – a searchable directory of CSAs across Pennsylvania.

Directory of Wholesale Growers  – a directory of growers for wholesale buyers listed by crop.

Directory of Produce Auctions  – a list of wholesale produce auctions in the state.

PA Preferred Growers – a searchable directory of producers of various agricultural commodities who are licensed to use the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s PA Preferred brand on their products.

Consumers Guide to Farmers Markets – a searchable directory of farmers’ markets and roadside farm markets for consumers across the state.

Ag Map – a searchable online directory maintained by Penn State Cooperative Extension and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture of farms that retail their products

Pennsylvania Vegetable Acreages – Vegetables, Potatoes and Melons Harvested for Sale in 2012