The Association publishes its own monthly newsletter, the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers News, which is mailed to members each month.  The newsletter is at least 24 pages of news about the Association and its activities, information about current issues of concern to growers, and educational articles on vegetable, potato and berry production.    Three special issues  – a January Buyer’s Guide, a June summer events issue and a November Mid-Atlantic Convention issue – are mailed to members and prospective members.  Members of the Association can access current issues below whereas back issues are available freely to anyone below.

Advertising Information and Rates
If your business sells products or services to commercial vegetable, potato, berry, or greenhouse growers or to direct marketers, be sure to check out our current advertising information and rates for the newsletter here.  Below is an index of articles and newsletters from previous years.

Newsletter Index for 2009 to 2022
This is a Google spreadsheet that lists articles by titles, section of the newsletter, author, crop, and topic.  The issue field lists year-month-page number.   You will need to have a Google account and open the file with Google Sheets.  Alphabetizing the different columns (sorting under the Data tab) allows you to locate articles of interest or you can use the “Find” function (control H).  Access the index here.

     2023  (Restricted to Members Only)
     2022  July to December (Restricted to Members Only)
     2022  January to June
Issues from 2012 to 2009 will be added at a later date.