Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association



Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association

An Association of Vegetable, Potato and Berry Growers


The following information will help consumers or wholesale buyers find sources of fresh Pennsylvania vegetables, potatoes or berries

     – Consumer Information – nutritional information and lists of local farmers’ markets and roadside farm markets

     – Recipes – tasty recipes for Pennsylvania vegetables, see the finalist recipes for the Pennsylvania “Simply Delicious, Simply Nutritious” Vegetable Recipe Contests

     – Pennsylvania Farm Markets and Farmers’ Markets – an online searchable directory of markets across the state.

    – Pennsylvania CSAs – an online searchable directory of CSAs offered by vegetable growers across the state.

    – Pennsylvania Wholesale Growers – an online searchable directory of wholesale produce growers by crop grown.

    – Produce Auctions – a list of wholesale produce auctions in the state.

PVGA is directly involved in promoting vegetables and berries with its

     – Farm Show Food Booth