Vegetable Grower Resources

Research Reports – Research reports on research conducted in the past few years sponsored by PVGA and PVMRP.

IPM Report – Weekly updates on vegetable and small fruit in PA.

Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations – contains vegetable production information based on university, extension, and industry research, experience, and knowledge.

Penn State Vegetable, Small Fruit and Mushroom Production Information – grower information from Penn State

Ohio State VegNet – blog from Ohio State University for growers

Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News – grower newsletter from the University of Illinois

Weekly Crop Update – weekly crop update from University of Delaware

Plant and Pest Advisory Vegetable Crops Edition – seasonal updates and alerts on insects, diseases and weeds impacting vegetable crops from Rutgers Cooperative Extension

UMass Extension Vegetable Program – information and publications on growing vegetables in Massachusetts.

Cornell University – vegetable crop information from Cornell Cooperative Extension


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