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Pest Scouting with Your Smartphone

By In Berry, Greenhouse, Potato, Vegetables On May 26, 2017

 Have you noticed lately that many interstate rest stops are now called text stops? While the ever growing ubiquity of the smartphone has come with some issues, there are many opportunities to use this technology to make our lives a little easier, even on the farm.  Pest scouting is an important part of any farm operation. To manage a crop, whether it is fruit, vegetables, or row crops, we have to be out looking at the plants regularly to see what condition they are in. Scouting can sometimes be a challenge. Occasionally you might see an insect or a disease symptom you don’t recognize, or maybe you aren’t certain of the best way to set up a scouting routine, or how to keep good records of what you find in the field. Luckily, you are not alone, and there are a number of programs to help make this easier!  See more here.

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