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Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association

An Association of Commercial Vegetable, Potato and Berry Growers

PVGA Annual Award Recipient – Laurence Yager

Yager, the first recipient of this Annual Award, is well known to fruit and vegetable growers throughout the state.  Although his official territory of service is a just of section of the state, his agricultural marketing expertise has enabled him to assist producers of various agricultural commodities not only in Capital Region but throughout the Commonwealth.

As part of his longstanding dedication to direct marketers, Yager has been active in organizing meetings and tours for direct  marketers  in  the   Mid-Atlantic   region  and  on  a  national basis as well.  Many farm market operators in the state have benefited from his advice in designing their markets, either on a personal level or through his presentations.

While Yager is widely known for this expertise in direct marketing, he has also helped growers organize wholesale marketing ventures as well.  Many of the  produce  auctions  here in Pennsylvania have sought his help in establishing their businesses.  He has probably attended more meetings and committees that he cares to remember to listen and give his input on marketing topics.  He is currently helping with the “Simply Delicious” Produce Promotion Program.

Born and raised on a farm in western New York State,  Yager did his undergraduate work at Cornell University and graduate work at Penn State.  He served four years in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean Conflict.  He was an Extension Farm Management Specialist at the University for two years and then served  as an Extension Marketing Agent for the seven-county Capital Region for the past 36 years. During this time he has taken leaves of absence to serve overseas for Penn State in the Bahamas, Poland, Swaziland and Armenia. He plans to retire this spring from the Adams County Extension.

In presenting the Award, Trax told Yager, “We want to recognize your longstanding record of service and dedication to our growers and all of Pennsylvania agriculture.  Penn State will have to search long and hard to find someone to fill your shoes.  We thank you for your years of service to us as growers and wish you well in your retirement.”